Lillie and the Village of Despair

Kristopher Keyes
3 min readMay 26

There are no outcomes without action

a village in a valley with towering snow-capped mountains
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In a long-lost village nestled in a valley of despair, there lived a young dreamer named Lillie. From a very young age, Lillie carried in her heart hopes and dreams that danced like fireflies in a glass jar.

She was eager to give dreams life, but the path ahead seemed daunting, like staring up at the peak of a mountain from the bowels of the valley.

Wisdom and the Way Forward

One day, an old sage crossed paths with Lillie and noticed the gleam of determination in her eyes. The sage, known for his wisdom and enchanting storytelling, called her closer for a brief word.

“Dear Lillie,” he said, “I see the flames of curiosity burning bright within you. But remember, great accomplishments are achieved by taking small, and manageable steps.”

Intrigued, Lillie leaned in, eager to absorb every ounce of advice the sage offered. He continued, “Imagine your dreams as a big castle. You cannot build it all in one day. Instead, start with laying the foundation, brick by brick. Break down your goals into smaller, achievable steps. Each brick represents a task or action that moves you closer to your dreams.”

Lillie’s gears turned as she grasped every word. “And most importantly, waste no thought on outcomes, focus only on your determination and action.”

As Lillie considered the sage’s wise words, her determination grew within her like a rising tide. She understood chasing her dreams required a daily routine that aligned with her priorities.

The Journey Begins

She crafted a blueprint, a schedule that would guide her every day.

With unwavering commitment, Lillie followed her daily routine, setting aside time for each step towards her goals.

She woke up early (not 5am), greeting the sunrise with a heart full of gratitude and a mind ready for action.

Each day, she took small, consistent actions, sharpening her skills, expanding her knowledge, and building her network.

As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, Lillie saw a remarkable transformation. Like a seedling reaching for the sun…

Kristopher Keyes

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