My Birthday Was Almost My Death Day

Kristopher Keyes
1 min readSep 15, 2022

No news at 11…thank goodness

toy school bus
Photo by Vahid Moeini Jazani on Unsplash

I had a great birthday today, but I don’t want to sully the day with anger.

I can’t resist. We almost died.

It’s eating me and I won’t let it live within any longer.

To the giant @sshole behind the wheel of a school bus who drove full speed through a crosswalk while my daughter and I were crossing the street (are you with me now?),

Be less stupid or stay home!

Good thing we poked our heads out and saw you coming, you piece of sh!t.

1. You’re near a school.

2. You’re driving other children.

3. Slow the f*ck down.

You don’t spend every second of your life in a school bus…karma always keeps score.

For the rest of you fine folks,

Be aware when walking.

Don’t be an @sshole at the controls of any vehicle. It’s better for everyone if you’re not.

Kristopher Keyes

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